WSOP Breakthroughs

Cleansing the poker industry of its underhanded past may usher untold masses into the fold. The World Series of Poker could be augmented by the blockchain.

We are happy to announce that our Telegram group is back in action

The official Host.Games Telegram group is always chiming with disucssion. Connect directly with the team by joining now.

Host.Games Telegram Group Update

A technical glitch in the Host.Games Telegram group compels us to suspend group actvitiy temporarily.

The Future of Gaming is on Blockchain

Blockchain enhances security and transparency in games, but it also exponentially accelerates industry growth. Explore how it happens.

Discover The Social Side Of Online Gaming!

Blockchain can bring online gaming communities together. Here's how the viral user acquisition model of Host.Games makes for consistently fun games.

We're Now Accepting nCash During The Host Token Sale!

The thriving blockchain community behind Nucleus.Vision becomes part of the Host.Games family. Host tokens will now accept nCash during the main sale.