Can Blockchain Keep Wagering Games Honest?

Running rigged systems where the code does not emulate real life odds is, for better or worse, the status quo of online casinos. Instances of rigged games are all too common.

Host.Games is transforming the future of fantasy sports. Here’s how

Fantasy sports is not a very old name in the list of growing industries, the term summarises the idea of people participating and earning money via online methodologies.

Why we need industry specific blockchain protocols

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin is a well-documented story and is often quoted by crypto-enthusiasts looking promote a decentralized ecosystem. From a financial speculation stand-point, the volatility of cryptocurrencies does offer the savvy investor some truly unprecedented gains, but the value of this emerging technology goes far beyond the financial markets.

Host Games is defining a new category for wagering games. Here’s how it works

Through decades video games have evolved in a variety of ways. As the market grows, pioneer developers continuously push the user experience to engage more users. However, one place where gaming still needs to establish its mark is the communities it fosters.

Jaron Lukasiewicz Joins Host Games Advisory Board

Former CEO of Coinsetter, and Cavirtex joins the Host Games advisory board.We are excited to announce that Jaron Lukasiewicz, a prominent name in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, has joined Host Games’ advisory board.

Step by Step breakdown of Host Gaming ecosystem: dApps, development & more

We’re all excited about Host.Games and we know you’re on the same page. This post will deep dive into the depths of the Host Gaming model and how it’ll be a stepping stone to mass adoption.